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March 15, 2013


We talk about the trauma of her past.  I share about the abuse of my own past.

Tears welled up in her eyes.. I can see them through the dusk of a setting sun.

I tell her my story.

I share with her the bruised parts….the purple blues which fade to yellow green as healing moves forward.

I am long past  caring about anyone judging me for the actions of others.

All of us raised to be “good little girls” who don’t tattle.

To share my story with her is safe…. those who scrap for joy are often a trustworthy lot.

I know I can hold out the colors of life in open hands, with her…. but what about a bigger crowd?

What about being asked to speak before an assembly?  Can I go and see Him provide? Yes.

Because my story doesn’t end with the faded yellow greens…it arches way over…spanning years.


The survival of pain is an amazing thing.

When you can stand on two feet and look into the eyes of love… and Love, and know you are okay.

When you stand further down the linear road of life and you see the arc overhead… you see it land in your now…in your right now.

It arches right down…. raining down in a bow before you in the watery eyes of someone else….and you speak right into that spot.

To the spot of their purple bruise.

And with life all linear… and your survival all arced over head… and you standing straight like an arrow…

You pulled back to the long ago pain, and  then you released  are pushed forward by a Spirit who knows exactly where you will land.

You will land right in front of the person who needs you most.

Time and time again… your story will be used to heal others.

He will bring them to you…and you to them.

Pulled back and released by a Spirit.

always hitting your mark.


So tattle on, little girl.

Tell your story.

But with the Joy of the Lord bringing your though, don’t edify the evil that bruised you.  Sing of the awesome Redeemer who raised your chin and created in you a survivor. Your story has so many colors… all of them arcing over you speaking of His endless Provision… all of them opportunities for you to shoot right past the evil whispers in others lives and to speak the Truth of an inevitable Redemption.


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  1. March 15, 2013 4:09 pm

    You’re good for her.

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