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When you actually see break through.

March 18, 2013


I touch the frayed edges of my dream….

That kid…what’s his name , L.T.?…yes….he led  in the sanctuary with joy.

He fumbled about but his heart kept going straight.  He stood center stage and the place lit up. I remember he wore a white shirt.

The only thing interrupted was the normal routine.  I remember he pushed through something that ,before, had been left standing.  He smiled and sang no timidness in his voice…his song broke down barriers which always had been tiptoed around… he barreled right through. With joy and a simple heart choice he built momentum and something cracked and headway was made.

I woke up.

I told the man who walks next to me through forever about my dream….and he replied with affirmation “that kid” is leading this Sunday.  He took it to the leaders yesterday morning.

When I arrived  with my babies in tow we hurried through the cold parking lot, jealous of all the people who got closer parking spots…my husband nonchalantly told me “they are going to give it a try.”



L.T. led… his shirt was grey not white.  The lights were low not glowing.  We all fumbled for sure.  It’s not easy changing the routine.  Who knew how many people liked the wall right where it was?   Then with an off beat to compete with L.T. he just went for it…and like the crack of ice on a Spring pond, things began to break. You could tell heaven cocked it’s head to hear.  You began to feel the thaw.  You could feel a rise in worship….it shook the walls …it rattled the roof.  Things broke loose…and on a cloudy  grey day with no sun in sight and the temp holding steady in the low 30’s… a rumble started…a roar of sorts…


piles of ice and snow slipped off this  squat little building.

as heaven came near to hear…things broke loose…. burdens lifted.

The faithful few   handing up offerings of praise… with random claps they pushed a sacrifice of praise where they felt little else to offer.



In the natural you could call it snow and ice falling off a squat  metal roof on a freezing cold overcast morning.  But if you closed your eyes… you could see heaven join in with the hearts of obedient leaders….with willing hearts to “give it a try”.



So Thankful…

  1. Hearing one of my favorite leaders yesterday morning… so great!
  2. Having a dream that L.T. would bring joy in worship…no interruptions.  Getting to see a glimpse of it yesterday!
  3. Hearing the roaring of “what we can do when worship doesn’t cease”…It will shake the roof…it will lift it. Barriers will slide away!!!!!
  4. gluten free blueberry muffins.
  5. I am soooo looking forward to this week!So many good times to be had…people from all over the world stopping by!
  6. lemons and lemon blossoms on my tree.
  7. the Doc picking up my amethyst rocks and seeing the same thing I do… I kept meaning to ask him.
  8. amazing art pieces done by my sons.
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  1. Carol permalink
    March 18, 2013 9:23 am

    Things did brake off yesterday for sure T!! It’s so great to just trust Him, total trust. He lifts us up and hugs us for sure. To totally worship Him and see Him, eye to eye.

  2. March 18, 2013 10:29 pm

    This one brought tears to my eyes!

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