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Sweet Aroma of Sunday.

April 1, 2013



So Thankful…

  1. Good Friday PFW was amazing.  So fun!  Such a good time.  How can you have anything other than a great time when the Hazelwoods are there!
  2. How people just love my kids…want to be around them…want to spend time with them… want to pour into them.
  3. owning a nebulizer so E.R. visits are way less needed.
  4. For the 1st time Noa woke up and said, “Momma..I had a sweet dream…Jesus came with brown hair and told me…..”
  5. Friends and family stopping by all Saturday… flowers and love everywhere.
  6. getting out with just my husband (and one small super excited little girl) for milkshakes.
  7. My children’s beautiful art inspiring me to make beautiful art…. beauty to beauty.  Love it.
  8. a rich Sunday morning message… and then the much needed opportunity to speak into peoples lives.
  9. Getting to grab my son and go pray for someone …much overdue… been clutching that “word” for a few weeks.
  10. cute Sunday outfits… everyone excited.
  11. One of the best Easter Sundays I have had since my great- grandmother was still alive.  So peaceful.
  12. Beautiful nostalgic smells of a warm kitchen…and bright eager happy to see you eyes all through my home.
  13. A lovely Easter tea with cake and fruit.
  14. Working in my studio, right now…and my babies just creating all around me.


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