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lots to do…

April 8, 2013




It would be nice if your script this week was completely written out.  My kids are performing a few different places this week… which means a full schedule and many practices.  So I sit here mapping out our week… I am planning errands and rehearsals and meals for a family of nine on the go.  I look at the plans I have for me and think I have no room to do anything else.  But those are the “plans I have for me”…. I know that He has gone before me… every place I go He has already been.  The people I will come in contact with are all perfectly placed.   People will speak into my life and , hopefully, I into theirs.  Acts of kindness will be shared and received.

~just like that the neighbors, one farm over, call….  Can we bring them anything…please… they have the flu and don’t think they can make it even 2miles to the grocery.  This recent flu is like the worst one yet for sure… I spent many miles last week zipping supplies and provisions to different homebound friends.  Our neighbors are young and strong and for them to call us, means they are seriously down.~

It seems last week’s busy schedule is being matched by this week’s.  As I rework a few trips here and there… I think how nice it would be if someone else would organize this all for me.  But it already has been… how else would I be putting pencil to paper if not for all these opportunities which are now presented.  He is orchestrating it all. All I need to do now is show up.


Brimming thanks today….

  1. For friends on the mend.
  2. For sunny days.
  3. For light pink sunburns…. just enough.
  4. Freshly aired out rooms….so thankful!!!!!
  5. PFW was so fantastic.  Peoples lives were changed. Relationships made stronger.  Good stuff.
  6. Having an “argument” with my oldest son about how he can go to NYC with friends over my birthday….”Momma, I can see NYC anytime… your birthday is more important.”  He is too him to bits.
  7. violins and soprano flutes sweetly playing through the house.
  8. hugs of excitement from my daughter before she goes out for a day of adventure.
  9. three year olds who still love naps.
  10. My oldest getting to go watch my brother shooting (literally) a commercial.
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