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Grasses, Hives and Osprey

April 9, 2013

Oh I did nothing all day… yesterday.   I just sat around and enjoyed the day.  I could hear the upcoming roar of this week’s schedule.


I rested.

moral of this story:  Rest when you can because there are big plans which await you!


Then it happened, maybe sometime after dinner … I was struck with the sudden urge to get moving.  There was a call to arms..or at the very least hedge clippers, rakes and wheel barrels .  The grasses were all chopped short.  Yes, I know how you lucky folks down south can just toss a match on them and let it disappear in a puff of smoke… I live on top of a breezy hill…and I feel like all my fields would be the thing to go up in a puff of smoke. So we get low and squat  down, our biscuits burn… my husband gives me the side eye when I give up and make him trim all the huge grasses.  His six foot something self is much further from the ground then I am… and he would rather cut them , more like “trim” them… and I want them hacked low….hence, I get the side eye.  But it is done now.










This morning, we were back at it.  Getting the gardens turned.  Planting the peas and other early spring seeds.  The new beehives arrived yesterday.  Far bee it from us to buy from the same company as we did last year…so there was a learning process.  Both hive companies seem great for specific reasons…. but the true test will be the bees.  They arrive next week…I think.  I should check on that.  Honestly I can’t think that far ahead right now… just need to stay in this week and get it accomplished….and stay sane.  I could build hives all day…wait, check that… I could build hive supers (the wooden boxes) all day. When it comes to the foundations (those things which look like files inside of the supers, where the bees actually build their combs and store their honey)… I mysteriously always get side tracked…far away.  For instance…”look how cute those two are on the swing!”…. “What’s that in the sky?  I don’t know… let me change the lens on my camera… Oh my goodness it’s an osprey with something in it’s claws…”


We don’t see many ospreys around here… and I believe that is a fish!

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  1. April 9, 2013 4:21 pm

    Haha! I read hives meaning itchy rash, yes, y can tell I am an allergy/ asthma sort of girl. Grass and hives in one sentence makes sense to me!

    • April 9, 2013 6:00 pm

      lol… trust you me, when those grasses are dry and dusty they do get very itchy.
      Everyone takes a hot shower after we cut the grasses down.

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