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More than loaves and fish….

April 15, 2013





For the first time in our entire marriage my husband looked at me with a touch of fear in his eyes.

Another burst of “Heeeeeyyyyyy!!! Good to see you,” rang out in the kitchen.

He threw me another look.”Seriously honey… we don’t have enough food.  For the first time we don’t have enough,”  he whispered through a smile.

I just laughed as I turned around to introduce myself to some Y.W.A.M.ers, “Welcome…my hands are covered in chicken. Hope you are hungry.”The new missionary kids just laughed…they were way past hungry.  I handed them a platter…”Your name’s David, right?  Can you put this on the dining room table…we’re nearly ready.”

I prayed over a bowl of corn, while my husBen sliced a stack of london broils and someone else scooped bowls of shrimp to take to the table…”please let there be enough… we have brought way more then bread and fish….let there be enough.”

“Heeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!…Good to see you ….Haven’t seen you in ages!” Everyone cheered for another guest’s entrance  and the love of my life side eyed me with a tinge of fear in his eyes.


As if my heart wasn’t thankful enough watching 3 out of 8 kids lead a room of 150 people in song on Sunday morning, my heart burst all day long for so many reasons…

People perched everywhere.

Cars parked down the drive and into the field.

Skinny Y.W.A.M. missionary 20 somethings folding themselves up and sitting at the children’s table…so funny, so cute.

For all that we do here on Sundays, a 9foot table isn’t enough…who would have thought it when He told me to start doing this a few years back….amazing.

Kids running with ketchupy hotdogs.

Food multiplying before our eyes.

A delegate from a church in Austria getting to see how we do community and relationship.

Leftovers… because He loves relationship… and He will fill the needs of His willing people.


Guys playing baseball (in lieu of a walk) because we were waiting on still more people to show up…(ahem, and we fed them too!).

A new guest crying in the kitchen at how beautiful this all is….that is very humbling to me.

Bragging to everyone about how my oldest son is amazing on the drums….because he truly is amazing.

Sunny skies.


Queso… delicious gooey Emily made queso!

Kids coming up with creative games.

Catching these little 3 and 4 year old cuties doing whatever they were doing.








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  1. April 15, 2013 12:55 pm

    that last pic really explains O’s new (formally khaki) “green jeans” 😉

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