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Smells like Heaven.

April 17, 2013


I thought I would just pop in for a cup of tea after an errand heavy afternoon.  Mel is one of my dearest friends and we can sit for a long time just hearing each others week’s stories.  We listen to the jaw dropping ones…the hilarious ones… the sad ones… and we just hold the space for each other and claim the safety.  We sit at the window of her coffee shop and watch the shoppers walk by.   We pile the table high with revelation…mingled with my blueberry muffin and tea.  “Oh!…My neighbor, Donna, is dropping by… you two need to meet.  Can you stay a bit longer?” Mel could see her friend approaching from the parking lot and she lit up. I saw a sassy well dressed 60some year old woman walking our way with tall black boots…told ya, sassy and may I add spry!  My blueberry muffin was only half I knew I had time.  The baby inside of me rolled happily enjoying the first half of the blueberry goodness…or maybe this baby jumped prophetically knowing what was about to happen.

What a delight!  I mean this was the type of woman you just wanted to spend hours with.  She is a wonderful storyteller…she is beautiful inside and out….. She smells like heaven… heaven, I tell you!  She started many stories with….”and you may think I am crazy but this is what I saw … you will love this story…”  Oh, and I did love her stories..each better than the next…none of them unbelievable to me.  I shared with this Donna the story of a few weeks ago of my youngest boys seeing God in their bedroom…and from then on she never said I would think her next story crazy.  We were on the same page…only she smelled like heaven.   I wish I could bottle what she was… that feeling.  She has overcome cancer and so many other hard places in her life and He has kept her close to His voice all along.

Oh you will think I am crazy when I tell you this… ahh but maybe you won’t….  So Donna does colors for people.  Do you know what that means? I didn’t.  I let her talk about her appointments and such and didn’t interrupt her to get an explanation…it just felt so soothing to sit in her presence. Are you very aware of peoples touch?  I am.   I have mentioned  it before here, that I have synesthesia… at one point  she moved my hair off my shoulder I felt like this relaxing feeling like she had draped this color over my shoulder.  Come to find out when she “does colors for people” she drapes these colors over them to figure out what fit them best!  Crazy right?!

Before I left she hugged me,  whispered a prayer into my ear and I felt cocooned in those “drapes”.  She gave me her recently published book…. Through Storms Struggles and Fires.

Nothing is a coincidence… you think you are just taking tea with a dear friend…and the next moment you are enveloped in the smell of heaven… He loves relationships… and moves within His people.

Expect a supernatural life.


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