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April showers will bring…

April 30, 2013


It’s really amazing when you think about how all of this inconsistent weather will bring about the most beautiful garden. I would love sunny days every day. I would love to keep the windows open day and especially at night. I would love to not have a laundry room with muddy shoe prints. The overcast skies sometimes makes this oh~so~pregnant momma yawn repeatedly. The frequent too cold temps at night inhibit me from putting in my garden and filling my pots.
I want to burst out into sunlight. I want to break ground. I want to make things happen. I want to prepare for the upcoming season…get a jump on it.
I remind myself how I am not getting any smaller…and there is a summer full of heat ahead. Tomorrow is the first day of May. Most years I already have many more plants snuck into my garden… but not this year. This year I sit and wait… because all of this sitting and waiting is growing amazing things. I hope to harvest a double blessing… a double portion for all this extra waiting. Wouldn’t that be nice?  Either way I am so excited for the upcoming months.  I will meet the most amazing people.

But for now… I will just take it easy.  Grow a healthy pregnancy.  Watch the rain with sparkly knowing eyes.

I am very thankful…

  1. Mainly, that last week is over….phew.
  2. an abundance of meals made ahead for the upcoming week.
  3. all of my kids love gardening.
  4. amazing vibrant green grass with all of the showers and sun.
  5. deep conversations with my oldest which result in praying with him.
  6. tumors which retract their tendrils so surgeons can reach them.
  7. Good meetings planned for this week…so much rich conversation to look forward to!
  8. pedicures.
  9. sunshine and higher temperatures which demand a fresh pedicure!
  10. how very amazing this baby feels rolling about.
  11. friends and lovely visitors which sidetrack your day and make you stop and enjoy.


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  1. April 30, 2013 10:58 am

    love your photos… a true promise of Spring. Robins are dancing all through our fields… worm picking and singing in trills… nuthatches doing gymnastics on my garden fence, sparrows seeing our Father’s eye on them as they flit through the patches of snowy field to play among the dried grasses showing themselves… a slow spring here too… my tomato plants longing to go from house to garden… hail storms, snow storms….But God always brings Spring! Yay!
    Glad your little one in the belly is enjoying the gymnastics. Praying a wonderful pregnancy and safe delivery in the right time to come 🙂

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