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Pukey Kid and how to handle it….a list.

May 3, 2013



 After a full night of throwing up she spiked a fever.  A high fever that made her so tired she didn’t even want to get dressed after a much needed bath..  She just laid there and barely spoke.  With 7+ kids we slip into the routine pretty seamlessly around here.

For the whole tribe adults and children:

  • Everyone sleeps with a bucket/container… regardless of how you feel…just in case.
  • Everyone takes a probiotic… regardless of how you feel… just in case.
  • Toilets are routinely bleached throughout the day.

For the digestively sick:

  • Hair is braided back… which I must say is the poshest way to puke.
  • Sick ones are quarantined… to their beds…not the living room.
  • Towels are laid out , over the sheets and pillow of the sick one(s)…easier to change a towel than a whole bed at 3am.
  • Drinks are served in tiny cups (think dentist cups or bathroom cups or shot glasses).  That way they can just drink all of it… and none of the torture of saying, “just take a few sips”, because you remember being sick, you want to drink it all.  Just give them exactly how much they should drink…and disposable cups work great because the germy cup goes right in the trash.
  • Acceptable liquids are… Coconut water , Clear Sports Drink  (both of which are more bang for your buck as they have electrolytes) and  Ginger ale (in that order).
  • Food is of the lowest priority for pukey kids…liquids are the highest.
  • Sick kids must follow the B.R.A.T diet when it is time but so are pretzels, crackers or toast…a good 6-12 hours after last puke.
  • If after they are obviously better but still gaggy and still susceptible to puking one dose of kids Kaopectate.  Nothing else will do.  Years ago I had a pediatrician tell me to give a dose after I couldn’t get my son to stop, even after he was clearly healthy he would just randomly puke.  I have only had to use it one other time…worked like gangbusters.





~This is not medical advice… This is Momma advice. I am not a doctor. I am not even a nurse which I may think know way more than doctors… I am just a momma with 7 + kids. I have, however cleaned up way more puke in my years of being a momma than I would ever choose to do… and I have tried many things and advice that didn’t work…so that is where my qualification exists. I would love to hear what has worked for your family … however if you are here just to tell me that I am not a doctor…I am already aware of that… so you can rest assured I got the memo.

For other Momma advice please check out:

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  1. Loraine permalink
    May 3, 2013 9:52 am

    You are a wise Mamma and even us Grandmammas can learn from your list. We just went through a pukey/diarrhea week with our grandson (they come to Mimi’s house instead of the babysitter when they are sick) and made a few mistakes. We’ll know better next time.

    Now, a tip I learned for the kid with diarrhea….put a panty liner in their underwear. It really helps in the event of a small accident.

    • May 3, 2013 10:16 am

      Oh my goodness Lorraine you made me laugh! We call that, “Oh it’s okay honey you just gambled and lost”… and that mixed with the fact that we give them drinks in shot glasses… I think we have a subtle ( unintended) brainwashing going on! LOL. When they grow up the stories they will tell!

  2. May 3, 2013 11:29 am

    ^ too funny! Dealing with the same thing at our house. I have pads used in Japan for potty training that I am going to pull out. A child with Down Syndrome passes gas when she feels the need, no convincing her she needs to do that on the toilet. 😦 OK, love your list, can I add a few of my tricks? I keep ginger ale in the can – made with real ginger, and powdered Gatorade in the cabinet so Im never without when viruses strike. It’s not clear but it works. (Popsickle molds are great to have too) Also, did you know some of these viruses aren’t killed by the gel hand sanitizer? Washing with water and soap is the best – I learned that you can sing twinkle twinkle little star and it takes the prescribed 15 long seconds. I’ve been doing it and hope she will learn to do it in her head. We still got sick but I guess it will still happen. I was wondering in bed last night about peppermint tea. I sip on that when I feel queasy. Thanks for the heads up about the children’s kaopectate. Good to know, will get a bottle to add to Graces stuff in the medicine cabinet. I love the idea about the towels! Slaps forehead. We use small plastic trash cans by the bed, it was handy because you could tie off the bag and not have to clean it, I’ve taken stuff outside and hosed it off when bed linens seemed too much to handle inside and before my front loader with the huge capacity and sanitize cycle.

  3. May 3, 2013 6:59 pm

    Ps. Praying mama stays well.

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