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Sunny Sunday.

May 6, 2013


So much to be thankful for….

  1. A friend who doesn’t need a shunt.
  2. A sunny weekend
  3. fresh guacamole and salty chips.
  4. juicy fruit salad with big scoops of watermelon.
  5. hanging out with my daughters and painting nails…and just talking….getting to hear their hearts.
  6. daughters teaching sons how to make  willow branch crowns.
  7. laughing my head off and being super thankful for Provision as I hear about my son’s horse riding adventures!
  8. a mud pie and sand castle bakery open all weekend… and barely a peep from all of the “bakers”
  9. the slice of joy at looking at our ever growing bee yard….  now we just need more bees!
  10. sharing this fun hobby with my favorite beekeeper and walking hand in hand out to the bee yard.
  11. Sitting in the sunshine with great friends all day Sunday.
  12. Friends who bring stacks of pizzas!
  13. lush bouquets all from my gardens.


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