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Take me to the River….

May 15, 2013






There was a reason we were made from the dust of the earth.

Then so many things can make us into clay…




These things change us… they make us malleable… they smooth us out.

They can  rinse impurities off of us.

They can  turn the dirt into art.

They nourish growth within us.

Our little babies swim in a constant holy baptism of water forming each perfect bit of themselves.  We start out in water and are made of  so much water…sustained by water.

Sometimes we shut down… Threats on top of threats so great… Danger  on top of danger so immense your brain can’t make sense of it.  Is that when you have dried out?  Hard baked by danger you stand still in paralysis.  Every last bit of moisture drained right out through your eyes…sweated  out in panic through your pores…

So parched there is only one remedy… and no longer from dust we came and dust we will become…

but from a Holy water we emerged and a Holy water we must return…


~These pictures are not recent but the words and danger are my current reality… and this morning I heard this amazing song and I feel like something changed….

~Oh My Ancient Heart~

Take me to the River,
Plunge me deep in the water
baptize my heart, renew my mind
give me hope for tomorrow
let the waters run over
till the river runs empty

~Steve Schallert... missionary in Capetown, South Africa.

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  1. May 15, 2013 11:30 am

    praying for you dear friend~ the Lord cover you in His Holy blood… build a hedge of holy safety around you and your loved ones~ May the enemy be left heart softened , malleable in the hand of our Holy God~ Jesus Christ who died and rose again and sits at the right hand of God our Father, and safe in our hearts~ May God be glorified
    Every last bit of moisture drained right out through your eyes…sweated out in panic through your pores…
    I know that ~ It overwhelms one’s soul~
    May His river run over and through and cleanse and heal and sustain~He is our River of Life~ we will drink and live

    • May 15, 2013 1:47 pm

      thank you…
      I believe fully that is what He is doing.
      Thank you so much for your healing words.

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