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Growth and Expansion everywhere

May 20, 2013








I just have time to take a quick walk around this beautiful little farm of mine, this morning. Monday has cheerily arrived and with it a long list of places to be… and amazing encounters to enjoy. The kind of busy where I am making dinner right now …. because there will be no time tonight. Well I won’t even be here tonight. Isn’t it funny… I just laughed to my husBen last night, “We have had something every single day…Who the heck have we become!” I always used to hate going anywhere… I just had resigned myself to being a homebody. Don’t get me wrong, I still love being home…I love it. And this studio makes leaving my house even less attractive.. because this little holy sanctuary is awesome. It is this constant reminder that the man of my life would look at me and call out the art and beauty in me and say he would devote a whole section of the house to it.. so everyone would know. He is a pretty amazing guy.
So anyways… Yes the people I will sit with today will speak profound revelation…and I can’t wait. So enjoy this day which you woke up to…Because you didn’t just happen to get here! You were invited to get deep into each encounter…nothing will just happen today… You walk in the wake of a King and now you will see everything He was preparing just for you!


I feel so full of Thanks that it is just amazing….

  1. Hearing a speaker on community….which you know is part of my heart… so much validation and encouragement.
  2. Getting to hear Molly Skaggs pray in the most beautiful prayer which curled and spiraled towards heaven like I have never heard prayer do.
  3. Losing my voice for 2 days… strange but true, I always embrace the experience.
  4. Getting to listen to a whole day of Jonathan and Melissa Helser speak on art, giftings, worship and community.
  5. At one point the Helsers told us to put our hands over our hearts and pray a certain prayer…and I put my hand over my heart and the baby’s…. and it just loved it!  It slept quietly unless in prayer…it was just great to see it’s big response.
  6. So much growth in the gardens.
  7. This ever expanding belly saying we are getting closer and closer.
  8. So much painting in the past week…. just a resurgence of art and inspiration which had been sort of lacking!
  9. Have I mentioned fruit salad recently… because: fruit salad….So good!
  10. Watching my friends last Sunday show us pieces of a song they were working on… and then getting to see it performed at a concert this weekend!!!   Amazing… just an overflow of what happens here every Sunday.  Awesome how He works.
  11. Sleeping with windows open at night.  So restful.
  12. Cal getting to see his 11 yr old friend ,who got to go home this weekend to recoup before chemo. Amazing!
  13. This little copper headed cutie making (and painting) the cutest bookshelf for me… now I just need to find some really tiny books!


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