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Spiritually Connecting with your Baby.

June 14, 2013


Recently, I have been asked by readers and friends alike how I connect spiritually with my baby before it is born. Perhaps it is my inability to really quite grasp the actual concept of a baby …like a real live human baby will be joining us here soon (crazy! let alone the fact that this will be number 8!!! Double crazy!!!) … that makes connecting with their spirit much more reasonable to me. I don’t know what exactly makes this happen but what I do know is that I have always been very spiritually connected with my babies long before I have ever seen them. If you think about it their little bodies are immature but in the spiritual timeline of things we are all practically the same age. If anything our time here on earth interacting with others actually does us many a disservice, most of which we have to unlearn just to get back on track and delve deeper into a better understanding of our Creator. Did I loose a few people there? It sounds way more complex and out there than it really is.
Okay so…..

How to listen to your baby and connect spiritually:

  • Are there words that He keeps bringing to your attention when you think about this baby?
  • Are there colors you keep “feeling”?
  • Songs that pull at your soul?
  • Have you had dreams about your baby? What was your baby’s mood and disposition?
  • When you pray over this baby are there some things you keep coming back to?
  • Anything through art , be it your own or someone else’s , that speaks deeply to you?
  • Painting, doodling and journaling  all ways to find a theme.
  • Sitting in meditation and prayer or worship… will allow a connection with something much greater than your own understanding.
  • Literally talk to your baby…watch and feel the response.

Truthfully this is how I go about my day just connecting with God… but I extend these types of things in regards to my baby to learn more about him or her.  I believe very strongly that the Creator who created with you is more than willing to talk to you about this little ones spirit that is growing within your spirit.  It is such a unique experience to think it is all about  vitamins and doctors appointments… nurseries and baby showers cheapens the whole supernatural aspect of it all.  Albeit there is a lot to learn and experience through those things too!

As you exercise these things throughout your pregnancy you begin to collect more and more knowledge of your baby.. one will build upon the other… Please do not be surprised if after you birth your baby if he or she doesn’t “look” the way you thought… that is more of a human flesh thing.  What I am describing here is connecting with the soul and spirit of your little one.  Some babies are also a lot easier to get a “read” on … just like people you see everyday…that is okay too.


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