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A Great Weekend

June 17, 2013


What a peaceful authentic Father’s Day and I am so thankful for….

A HusBen who is always trying to be a better father.

A HusBen who is always trying to be a better husband.

A HusBen who is never complacent with just being awesome… he wants to be at the next level in everything.

A HusBen who can’t just own one company but is on a quest to build more for his children.

A HusBen who (I am so proud of) ,as soon as he starts the  new company, major bands come a calling to have him build for them.

A HusBen who celebrates who I am too… and builds a whole room to celebrate who I am.

A HusBen who will put up with and even love them anyways, an embarrassing level of  family drama than I could ever hope for!

A HusBen who loves regardless.

A HusBen who makes the best egg sandwiches ever.

A HusBen who inspires me and changes my views on money.

A HusBen who is my very favorite beekeeper in the whole entire universe.

A HusBen who buys a gluttony everything bagel… which in this house means either we have house guests coming OR he believes a baby is coming very soon and he is going to make me my favorite food for after the baby….


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  1. Jessie Aitken permalink
    June 17, 2013 11:10 am

    He’s a wonderful man and I’m thankful everyday that my husband has such a great friend.

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