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How to Love today.

July 15, 2013


He repeated the same thing He told me years ago.  Was it six year’s ago?   It was a big loud thing… the kind you can’t mistake for your own thoughts.  The kind of thing that cuts right through your thoughts and demands you kneel and listen.

Watch for who brings you soup.. who shows up… who  responds…  who celebrates this life.  The ones who celebrate are your community… they are your family…. build community with them.

I remember it so clearly because of the word “community”… it was the first of a million times He would speak about it to me… the first time He lit a fire in me for it. It all began there… and each time I would be in awe of the beauty of a body that moves.  His Hands and Feet… His love of relationship.  I also saw who didn’t respond… even in the eye of a storm who would disregard the love of others.. the need of neighbors.  It was hard to imagine what they were hearing and seeing, He seemed to be speaking so clearly…

He said it when they wheeled him into surgery for a quadruple bypass.  I slept on an uncomfortable waiting room sofa and my mom slept on the other after the last bit of community went home after we got the news of a successful surgery.

He said it again years later while we hovered over a N.I.C.U bassinet.  My nephew lay unmoving with more wires than can be counted.  With each text and flower that appeared we knew people were celebrating his life… rooting for him to live on.  And he did!


No heart attacks… no N.I.C.U…..  but yet He repeats it to me….. “When you wonder who your community is…those who respond , those who celebrate this life are your community…watch.”

He loves us through these people…He loves us through His people…  some don’t even know they are hearing His voice as they stop to bring our family something… when they check in on us.. when they email congratulations… when they pick out a huge arrangement of flowers or pick some off a tended shrub!  Those are moments He whispers to our community exactly what we need… and their ..your response is you responding to Him.  It is beautiful.

each flower.

each text.

each prayer.

each meal.

each gift.

each act of  service….(looking at you who came and cleaned our air conditioning before a heat wave and  you too, our doctor who adjusted me at my house!!!)

each muffin.

each fountain soda.

each encouraging word.

Each time we receive these things… they are a direct response from someone’s ability to hear Him… to be led.

Surround yourself with these people… make them your inner circle.  Don’t be distracted by those who can’t Hear… who can’t celebrate …who ignore His joy.

He loves relationship.

Don’t wait for big life changes… Hear Him now.  Bless those around you.

The law… your rules and regulations…do nothing for relationships.

His Love transforms…. today be used by Him to transform someones life!

Love them like He loves them.

Build together.

Transform each other.

Be transformed.


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  1. July 15, 2013 6:30 pm

    Once again, timely message. It’s always good to be the giver, and receiver. Community always allows this grace.

  2. Mina permalink
    July 15, 2013 9:12 pm

    Those words speak volume to me! Thank you

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