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To sit and make a list….

July 18, 2013

This time, it goes so fast. I want to drink it in… but yet I want to freeze moments… capture them so I can gaze at them, long after the diapers and baby smell ( ohh that amazing baby smell) have turned into sticky toddler hands.
There are so many times I make a list… even a simple one… and I am consumed with all that is not getting done… the garden looks like a jungle…and oh my goodness the  absent appliances  wrecked havoc on my kitchen… and those other six out of seven kids  needed gear for camp….and besides all the work…I would love to sit and paint… there are meals to be made… and it goes on and on.

Then about the time I get up to accomplish anything,  this delicious baby makes her tiny baby elephant sound.  Then my heart aligns with her’s  and I settle into a chair to nurse her again and again and again…(did ya know there is an app for that! My how things change since I had my first.) So I sit and with all that time I scratch out lists.
I know you have your own list. You are thinking about them right now.

You may not have a brand new baby with that brand new baby smell… but I promise you this… the people He has put in your path… that is what is most important.
He loves to look over, with all that He has to do…
and He loves to see you there with the people He has put in your path.
He loves to see you pouring into those relationships.
Sharing the valuable..the vulnerable bits of you with them.

That is how you get everything done. The everything that matters.. the everything that is eternal…

This is how you get it all done.

If your grass didn’t get mowed but you kissed your spouse for a long time… He loves that.
If the laundry sat in a pile but you call people without air conditioning and invite them over for sandwiches and drinks… He beams brighter than the sun.





You sit with Him and watch as He unfolds just how much He loves you… How He loves when you love others… How He pursues you… How He waits for you…






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  1. Loraine permalink
    July 19, 2013 11:49 am

    We no longer have a new baby smell, but the smell of children warm from the sun, their hair still holding that “fresh from the wash line” fragrance or the way they smell dripping wet from the pool. Drying backs and squeezing water from dripping locks of long hair or watching grandchildren splashing with their beloved Poppa…’s all a gift from The One who gave them to us. Nothing else matters.

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