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I locked out The Duke.

August 1, 2013




I love having all of these musicians crammed in our home. It is wonderful to wake up and fill the air with bacon cooking and coffee brewing. Like every morning this summer I turn on my “morning music”; Jonathan David Helser’s live album The Awakening. The counters are  quickly garlanded with a pattern of egg sandwiches, fruit and steamy drinks.

No one will go out of this house hungry…

Not in my house, not on my watch.

As his heaping spoon of sugar dissolved in a swirl  of coffee Lee, the drummer, asked me a bit surprised, “You like the Helsers?” He seemed to  either not approve or be  wondering where  was the  coffee cream .  James, the guitarist didn’t look up at me. Music is such a personal thing… and when surrounded by musicians it’s easy to feel like you are in the hot seat. These two had played and toured with David Crowder and Matt Redman and apparently everyone and their brother knows who they are…so add that to the hot seat feeling. Then add on top that these two have been teaching clinics on drums and guitar this week…yikes. “Ummm…yeah it’s my favorite… the live album is my favorite. I like how it doesn’t sound too sanitized … you can hear the grit in the voice. All the Helser’s stuff is good ,in my opinion, but the live album is the best.” They just nodded and I figured they just got the clue to back off my “favorite album”.

The subject changed to what had happened the night before…

With our guests settling into their rooms or gone I had tucked the baby into her little cradle and climbed into bed. The bands’ after party, at our home, had gone amazingly well. The stillness of the night and the glow of the campfire had been in strong contrast to the singing crowds and bright stage lights.
*clink*… I could have sworn that was a stone hitting my window.
a few minutes later…*clink*, “Honey go see what that is…”

Well…I had “thought” our guests had settled into their rooms, and so had my husBen. Apparently they had gone back out to sit by the fire, not knowing this, my HusBen locked the house! And those “stones” hitting my window were ice cubes being tossed in hopes we would let them back in! Poor guys… there they stood on the deck, just the two of them out there in the quiet dark.  I mean raccoons could have eaten them! (smile)


As we were cleaning up breakfast, Lee blurts out, “Ya know James  here played on that album…the Helser one

So in the course of this week we have…. locked our amazing guests out at 1am and I never knew they played on my favorite album.  I am not sure if that makes us the most amusing hosts or the most ignorant ones.  Hopefully our ever flowing food makes up for it all!

To learn how to get lessons from this awesome new friend of ours…go to his website: James Duke .


Three new mystery musicians show up in a bit…can’t wait!

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