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Oh How He Loves….

August 5, 2013




I don’t know what it means.

Is there an interpretation at all?

I believe He is always talking to me.

So what is it when…..

* Years ago I heard Him say, “and now you are going to open Sunday Dinner to everyone..and I will bring people from all over the world to eat there…” After coming inside and telling my HusBen we were expanding our Sunday’s ,I listened to  the Michael Ketterer album, Love /War / Solar System.  I would joke that “maybe someday ole Ketterer will come to Sunday Dinner” and my HusBen would shake his head and laugh.

* And when He told us to start P.F.W…. we took the bulk of our songs from Will Reagan’s album Live at the Bank’s House.  One of our favorite songs is still, Set a Fire Down in My Soul.

* And this past winter when the drama was spiraling about I would find truth and His encouragement in another of Will Reagan and the United Pursuit’s albums, Endless Year’s.   It would  rock my world and steady it all at the same time.  The lyrics of Take Back  gave me courage when I felt that some were trying to crush me….I found myself with  sympathy for others where I thought I would have none.

* And I told you about our guests earlier this week who have played on my favorite morning music…The Helser’s Awakening Live  Album .

*And most recently I found  Oh My Ancient Heart (track 3) by Steven Shallert and what an experience that is… it will take you to a deep place with Him that you never knew existed.








So in the course of this week… I have sat around a fire with these people, all of them… theses artists and musicians .  These just men who have sang through my home …. and  now they have come to my Sunday Dinner…. they have slept in my home… they have gathered around our fire pit… we have eaten egg sandwiches in our pajamas… they have rocked our baby and shot arrows in the backyard with our kids… they have slept exhausted on my grandmother’s sofa… I have locked them out (eek sorry)… and we have taken them to the pool…. and we eat and eat… and we eat.

How does this happen?

What does this all mean?

Who is He that He arranges all of this?

Who am I that He bless me this way?

He knew this would happen… He knew this when He told me to make Sunday Dinner way back when.




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  1. Carol permalink
    August 5, 2013 11:39 am

    It truly is a blessing to have friends and know without a doubt that they love you.
    It’s God showing His love for us thru them. I thank Him for that so much.
    Why should I get in a “mood” when He pours that love on me?

  2. August 6, 2013 11:44 am

    I’m wondering if you live near Nashville for al these wonderful musicians to be right outside your back door or “passing through”. I can’t believe that beautiful baby girl all nestled into the hubbub called life and adventure. So sweet.

    • August 7, 2013 4:46 pm

      no but some of our guest are from Nashville.. or knoxville.. or somewhere out there, lol.

  3. January 28, 2014 2:15 pm

    This is wonderful
    … I absolutely love it!
    For me it is Thursdays… every Thursday my home is open… for mamas and babes and littlle pups and even husbands sometimes… anyone really
    God blesses this way in our hearts… to keep it open for Him to come in so His love … can go out!

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