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Straight Chillin’

August 12, 2013










I am so thankful….

  1. for the power coming back on!
  2. for knowing my limits… when to just stay home and rest and nurse a baby.
  3. for family who celebrates our baby.
  4. 2 Great grandmothers gushing over our little pearl.
  5. for storms at night that allow for restful sleep.
  6. a chill Sunday dinner… so many people and such a relaxed vibe.
  7. friends…the kind you can share weakness with… and they see strength.
  8. swimmys and soggy pigtails.
  9. strawberries in  hot chocolate sundaes… and frozen yogurt that makes it feel healthy.
  10. our last (for the present time) guest leaving…so fun…but….
  11. our house being put back to order.
  12. a new friend who likes rocks and gems too!!
  13. For friends with new houses turning into new homes!
  14. A new Fridge!!!!!!! WOO HOO! (hopefully that saga is over!)
  15. board games by the pool.
  16. a grill master husband
  17. seeing my friends’ mother kiss her on the cheek…and how she stopped time to drink it into her soul.  It was a fraction of an instant in time… but like a print in wet cement I don’t think I will ever forget it.


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  1. Marylyn Miles permalink
    August 12, 2013 6:01 pm

    Yes, lots to be Thankful for!

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