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hearing a theme.

August 19, 2013




Today there is a theme…

a message…

a whisper…

He is seeking you… He is talking to you.

Walk through your day in watchfulness…

Walk expectantly.

He is there and He is speaking to you.


So Grateful today….

  1. How ice-cream melts and pools at the bottom of a sundae and makes the strawberries taste addicting.
  2. A quiet afternoon with very little to do.
  3. Lovely shopping excursions with the kids and learning their styles.
  4. Repeatedly being proud of the way my kids are maturing and how they carry themselves.
  5. new boogie boards.
  6. more of my fall garden planted.
  7. catching a fleeting glimpse of a hummingbird
  8. warm afternoons where the kids eat outside… and the hens clean up
  9. sunny cool summer days
  10. walks around the property with a squeaky watchful newborn.
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  1. Carol permalink
    August 19, 2013 4:20 pm

    Beautiful pictures. God is so very good.

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