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August 27, 2013






The storms of the past have beaten these shores time and time again…

now they build the dunes themselves.

Once they would allow the Ocean to guide where the dunes formed and where they washed away.

Now they see the high waves as an intrusion on all they have built.

beautiful homes  …ones they wanted so close to the sea…. but with that beautiful view ,comes being at the mercy of a tide.

so they build the dunes the way they want them.

They take just what they need from the sea and they bring it up … but from there they control where it goes and how it looks.

the dunes  look almost like He would have built them… yet if you look closely you can see each grass is placed “perfectly” just like they wanted, … the mounds of sand are structured.

They wanted to stare at the view… watch the splendor of the Power… but they want to be in charge of how things progress… not allow for the natural flow.  Who can blame them?  They signed up for a view … not for the uncertainty.

They have manufactured something so close to what He would have done…. but this product is “safer”…they control it.  It gives the look of what they want… yet it is reliable, something they can produce.  Something that is very groomed.

Now they can sit in their rows of chairs and watch everything in the comfort and reliability  of their man made safety.

As for me and my house…. I want You to wash away all the manufactured imitation.  Let your tide wash up.  You are a Provider. Let the shores of my heart have nothing but what you have put there.


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  1. August 27, 2013 1:15 pm

    Wow. Great thought-provoking post.

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