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Your Identity is in the Reflection.

September 6, 2013


With a fist ful of hair she pulls her arm wide, it hurts me.  I unwind the strands from her fingers and smile.

It is neither right or wrong… it just is.

Deep in sleep I awake to a  nearby rustling and squeaking,  so then with eyes barely open I tend to her every need.

As we all try to get out the door she ends up soaked through her clothing and requires a complete change, yet I laugh as I wiggle her toes back and forth….she smiles wide.

None of this was to be annoying…or against me… it just is.

Startled she clamps down while she eats and I yelp

but when our eyes meet  we are so close I can see my reflection in her eyes

and she can see herself in mine.

None of her actions are good or bad… sinner or saint…. they just are.


Everything is an opportunity for relationship… furthering our understanding of who each of us is.

Our attachment is being strengthened.  She knows me… I know her. We both want to know more.

Her choices are neither right or wrong… everything is for growth.

Her identity is not of a “bad girl” or “good girl”… she is just “my girl”

We give her a special grace covering… one called being a newborn.  Yet her spirit and soul are not much younger than mine or yours in the span of eternity.


In Eden, before the bite from good and evil, we knew no different… we just were.  

Everything was for relationship… to get to know each other better.  To look into each other’s eyes….to be brow to brow with A Creator.

So close that our eyes would meet and we could see our reflection in His

and He could see His reflection in ours…that close.

we were not good or bad… we just were.

Then with just one bite and we looked at ourselves.  We judged our actions. We stopped wondering about learning about each other and just saw what we alone looked like…and judged it against what only we thought.  We stopped looking at the reflection of who He saw us as…. His creation…. Naked we had  always been… now we decided that was wrong.  We needed a different covering….we decided we needed a different covering. Things stopped being about relationship and started being about what we thought was right or wrong… judgment of ourselves and each other became our new  covering.

Thousands of years later… Thousands of years ago.. He came back to cover us.  He came brow to brow with us once again.

He came back brow to brow so we could see our reflection in His eyes and we could see our reflection staring back in His…. that close.

He became the covering.  No right no wrong…no sinner or saint… all is forgiven…. we call it grace.  Our new covering.

if that is true….

now what?

If they are no longer a “good” person or a “bad” person they are just “His person”…

If you are no longer a “good” person or a “bad” person… and you are just “His person”….

How does that change your day?




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  1. September 7, 2013 4:39 pm

    Shabba dabba doo. That was awesome.

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