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Just another lovely Sunday….

September 9, 2013












I had so many Amazing experiences this weekend:

  • A beautiful handmade little baby jacket and cap.  It is like delicious scoops of sherbet!
  • My son taking up the cello… he asked to get a smaller one…nope too many amazing musicians have blessed mine…he can just grow into it.
  • praying during “worship” (heavy on the quotes) and just being removed from time and space… I love when He just lavishes time upon me.
  • Being driven to give ,a stunning young kid, a word… and him just being blown away.  Humbled… I am absolutely humbled when He speaks His heart , so much Love, to me about others.
  • Always getting to touch base at the door  with some of my favorite people in the world… twice in one weekend!
  • this lovely little number 8 baby… the most peaceful joyful baby ever!  Her easy smile!
  • Celebrating this kid with our friends… so much singing to him, he nearly burst.
  • That bursting with joy hug he surprised me with… holding onto that for forever.
  • My “best” girl, in Haiti helping to rebuild and provide water….she never stops….love her heart.
  • bleb be gone… oh so beyond grateful!!!
  • The man of my forever adding onto our grape arbor…”squeegie” grapes are my favorite!
  • the kids bobbing for apples and roasting marshmallows.
  • These Y.W.A.M twenty somethings who roll in here hungry for food and family every Sunday… I love their outlook.
  • With all of this… so blessed…  laughing and smiling yesterday till my face hurt.
  • the wonderful ease of Sunday dinner….grace? yes that’s it.




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