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Lovely just Lovely.

September 10, 2013


I love this place my family and I are entering into… not just Autumn but this season where we have a tiny baby mixed all the way up to a teenager (eek!).  I have heard many times about people who had older kids and wished they would have had more kids but “There would have been too much space between them and it would have been like two different families”.  I have had nothing but the opposite.  The olders reach down and make funny faces (that they would never allow a friend to see them make) just to get one priceless giggle from their baby sisters.  I see the three year old watch her sisters work out conflicts and then mimic that with her little friends.




Last night was a lovely evening.  After spending a satisfying nice chunk of my day preparing meals ahead for the week, I received  fresh flowers from the very best husBen.  Then with a growl from me over installing something on my computer, in hummed  my 13 year old to make short work of my frustration.  Am I that age where I I need my kids to help me with the computer?… it’s actually quite beautiful.  With OmmWriter installed Cal sat and fiddled about with it. To his surprise and a bit of dismay it is a “writing environment”. Then to both of our surprise ,my self professed “bad writer”  couldn’t believe how he wrote as the computer screen turned into a chroma therapy display and each key click was customized to sound like small steps.  I watched his shoulders relax as his heart and mind breathed out and became beautiful words upon the screen.  It was just lovely.  Then my oldest daughter found her way into my studio.  As the sun set we each would occasionally  change places , continuously   creating quietly, worlds away, yet shoulder to shoulder. The baby rocking happily enjoying each time she would catch our eye.  Lovely just lovely.


~I don’t know the makers of OmmWriter.. nor am I being compensated for this… it really is just a lovely writing experience.

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  1. Wendy Bilton permalink
    September 10, 2013 4:08 pm

    I have just read your ‘blog’. Lovely, just lovely!! Your life seems amazing and I love reading your blogs and recipes. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts X

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