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September 13, 2013
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What a heat wave we had this week. With the HusBen gone I was chief-everything. A few things fell through the cracks….i.e. the over-due-for-picking green beans..whoops. For the most part when he is away there is a simplicity and calm which most of us can appreciate in week long increments… but not more than that! So most of my week was spent driving kids this way and that to get to all of their activities. This, on the other hand, is not my forte. I once enjoyed long car rides, to just think… but somewhere a few babies ago I lost that luxury. One of my babies would just scream and scream when in the car…. and when he was old enough we would hand him bottles of milk to quiet him…it never helped for very long. So as he would scream I would sweat and white knuckle it to where ever we had to go. I am not the “cry it out” type so when babies cry I want to help them…. not just let them scream. Now he is seven and we know he pukes like a shiz-zhu every time we put him in the car…so that milk bottle, when he was a baby, was probably just a dairy bomb of nausea to him…live and learn.
The good news is this new baby is a good traveler… Actually she is a good everything. And if that isn’t enough, when we would get home and I would pull her out of the baby carseat she would smell of the beach! Her carseat still smells oh so wonderfully of our vacation... perhaps that is why she traveled so well this week. She just melts my heart and I am once again in awe that He gives me the very best to raise.

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