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always thankful he’s home.

September 30, 2013






I am thankful …

  • My HusBen is home again~home again jiggidy jig, after yet another week of him out on travel.
  • How smoothly last weeks schedule went , in spite of him being gone!
  • This weather is absolutely beautiful!
  • Rearranging my whole bottom floor and everyone chipping in.
  • Counters full of extra BlueBerry muffins for the Bake sale (it was B week)
  • B was certainly for Busy last week…here is hoping C is for Calm this week.
  • new lamps and pretty throws
  • candles flickering in the evening.
  • getting to hang out with a close friend and our babies…. our big big 3month fresh babies!
  • The distant concert that drifted  and serenaded us on our Sunday Nature Walk… a nice way to end the day.
  • Being able to support and send off one Sunday Dinner friend to Nepal and another one to Morocco. Amazing things are happening and it is awesome to be part of it!!!! Can’t wait for their returns and to hear their stories of what is happening in these cultures!


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