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Mouse guards.

October 7, 2013


Out he went.

He just felt he was supposed to go spend time alone with the bees.  To install something that would hinder anything from coming and stealing what had been worked hard for.  So out he went and he Heard nothing in particular outside the hum of a curious community.  They didn’t know how lucky they were… no mice would steal what they worked all summer for. Last year had been plundered and disrupted… but our lessons learned and we will not see that this year!

So out he went… because he just felt he was told to do it.

The simple act of obedience changed his day.

The act of Hearing… the act of Responding…

a sign to Him that he was listening.

A sign that he was in a posture of obedience… no matter how curious.

No matter if obedience seemed like nothing spiritual at all…

but he had Heard and did what was Asked regardless of what made sense.

That was all He needed to see… and the rest of his day was a constant download of a Father who couldn’t wait to lavish time and wisdom on a son.




(Can you see the bees with the heaping pollen baskets?


Such a great weekend….

  • It’s supposed to rain buckets today and I can’t wait!
  • just how much this little baby number 8 loves her family.
  • that eucalyptus can help kids to stop coughing…. iii yii yiii!
  • a new paint set from far far away on sale!
  • how the faint smell of a dead mouth is both repulsive and reassuring all at the same time…yick and yay!
  • baby naps… nice long baby naps.
  • the colors just starting to change.
  • a very very warm autumn.
  • brunch
  • how I am safe.
  • Happy healthy bees with mouse guards in place… no honey for us this year because of the late start… but the bees are set!


Did these two on the left crash? They seem to be whirling about!

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  1. Jacqueline permalink
    October 7, 2013 10:07 am

    I came to your site because of the eucalyptus oil idea. I stayed because of the way you write, how I connect with what you’re saying, the way you live your life, your love for God. I completely forgot about this cough remedy! I’m going on my 3rd round of cortisone for a nagging cough that’s lasted what feels like forever. Thank you for mentioning it today. I’m headed out in a bit. I have a couple of questions. Where do I find it? (Pharmacy? Craft store? Somewhere else?) Are there any differences in different brands? (Will I even see different brands?)

    • October 7, 2013 10:15 am

      oh my goodness… so much in that comment!
      First thank you times a thousand for the beautiful words.. you just made me soar. I just want to inject His love into my writing in a way that translates well… lol, ya know in under 700 words, to the best of my ability.
      so thank you thank you thank you.
      as far as the eucalyptus oil… we get our through our grocery store… but you can order it through amazon .com That being said, scroll through the comments plenty of resources are there also. Most if not all professionals advise strongly to use a carrier oil of some type.
      After a childhood of coughing all the time… I am so glad I have this for my kids.
      thank you again and again

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