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Dam it.

October 14, 2013




It will not build itself.

And you are right, He could do it in a blink of an eye… but we aren’t here to sit on the sidelines.

We were built for relationship…with Him… with each other.

So  some days  I bring some soup and you bring the bread

Other days  you bring a stick and I bring one too…






We lay it all down.

We keep laying it all down.

My offering with your offering and what you have to offer compliments what I have to offer.

I learn from what you do and you learn from what I do.





We keep laying it all down.

and it builds.

sometimes it is heavy and hard and yet if you come alongside me…. it feels lighter.

and sometimes the way you do things really pisses me off… but He knew that too… and we work right through that too

because no one promised us that we wouldn’t get pissed off… and it’s up to us how we handle it.

just lay it down again






So we keep laying it all down.

Because He lives in you… and He lives in me… and when we build this thing together,

I see a new side of Him …so familiar to you and so new to me.

And when we build this thing together and I see  Him in you …

the Him that I did not know before… I love Him more… and I love you more.

It will not build itself and He knew that…

He brought us to this spot

and we are made stronger by the lifting high and the laying down.


So thankful today…

  • For cords of firewood stacked high
  • For sons who get satisfaction from hard work…and the promise of hot chocolate.
  • For little girls who hold hands and tell each other, “We will always be best friends”
  • For my best girl getting engaged!!!!
  • For getting to be a part of her big day!!!!!
  • For a son who writes the president (And hears back) questioning why we have Columbus day (Which is just a horrible concept about a horrible man) and yet we don’t have a Squanto day!!!
  • Sun drenched Sunday afternoons.
  • feeling my dearest friend’s baby move about in her belly.
  • Father son trips… seeing a true definition of being a father.
  • little chickadees at my feeder.
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