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So we go along and we go along…

October 21, 2013













  • That there isn’t a limit to how much goodness exists… it never ends… it is eternal.
  • watching my daughters…all 5 of them laughing together!
  • years and years worth of poop…ahem, manure… shoveled out of the run in stall
  • all of my gardens mulched in aforementioned poop… I mean , manure…I mean gardeners black gold!
  • grape arbor built and grape vines attached.
  • a sun soaked Sunday Nature Walk through lush green pastures and crunchy leaved wood trails.
  • little boys with hand carved swords stuffed in the back of their shirts
  • older 20something  boys who “play along” with the younger kids…ya know for the kids and all.
  • for a tableful of people at Sunday Dinner who fill a table with gratitude.
  • an amazing HusBen who is thankful for me and my words.
  • amazing acoustic guitar worship at the end of Sunday Dinner.
  • art with my friend.
  • promise of more art in the future with more friends.
  • for an absolutely obliterated morning agenda which has been replaced with sitting around in cozy pants with friends talking over tea and coffee and blueberry muffins!!!!!
  • a gluten free pizza cooking up fresh (made by that very awesome husBen) in the oven right now.


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