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It’s who they are.

October 28, 2013






So Thankful….

  • wedding dress shopping with one of my best girls… her mother’s love for her: beautiful.
  • So many of my kids leading all the music on Sunday morning…
  • Friends who speak  room Paint Colors.
  • sweet potatoes with lots of salt and butter.
  • cozy flannel sheets…tis the season.
  • frosty mornings.
  • this baby in oversized sweater pants…so cute and bulky.
  • how these kids support each other
  • how they coo and cheer for everything this smiley baby does
  • such an oh so smiley baby
  • rows and rows of chocolate (glutenfree) cupcakes with mounds of whipped icing.
  • pregnant mamas eating and laughing at the table.
  • One of our Sunday Dinner family members back from Paris and Morrocco…. with stories and gifts.
  • amazing spices and tea from Morocco!
  • smiling and laughing so much yesterday that my cheeks hurt.
  • listening to the dreams of a 20year old in the kitchen… he has such Favor on him… and being 20 he is at the start of it all!
  • my Yen trying to speak German to the little German kids who don’t speak a lick of English and came to Sunday Dinner.  She beamed when she finally got them to understand her.
  • how cupcakes really speak to people in any language!


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