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Revelation reveal…

November 6, 2013


I remember making this painting.  I heard Him speak very clearly. He showed me the birth in a stable… He showed me the woman at the tomb.   The painting was not much more than a doodle… but I wanted to write the words down.  I felt so strongly when I heard it… I showed it two women…and they both said, “are you talking about the devil?”… “yeah that’s who I thought you meant.”

wait. what?

you thought what?



I remember feeling so ashamed….

ashamed of the revelation.

ashamed of sharing.

ashamed  that maybe other people would think I was not talking about Him.

ashamed that I had gotten so excited that I had thought He would tell me how valuable women really are.

maybe I heard wrong.

I didn’t mention it again.  I really felt bad about sharing my revelation… I mean really  really bad.

now ,years later it still stings

But then this morning… just reading along like  I do….


Correct me if I am wrong… but isn’t this the first time He admits that He is The One? I have searched and searched… and read countless stories and I can’t find one earlier. If it isn’t  the first it is very high up there… but I am pretty sure it is the first. Either way.. He admits it to a woman.

He reveals who He is to a woman.

a completely vulnerable ~ putting it all out there ~ not afraid of her flaws ~

a not prideful ,nor shameful

a take me or leave me


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