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November 11, 2013


So much Gratitude it has liquified into tears…

  1. friends who let us serve them… who let us love them, through all of this.
  2. how community is built for this.
  3. the familiar holiness of a nicu.
  4. boobs.. just be honest; they are amazing… and milk changes lives.
  5. coming home to this oh so so smiley baby who buries her face in my neck.
  6. packing up Sunday Dinner into boxes because we deliver anywhere.
  7. a grey autumn afternoon with a house full of people and delicious smells.
  8. the way the yellow leaves dance around the windows in my studio.
  9. Friends who come around and help me prepare Sunday Dinner while the HusBen makes a Sunday Dinner delivery.
  10. Other friends who dance around ~ pass around this happy baby while I make Sunday Dinner with the HusBen out.
  11. How happy GreyPoupon makes the Germans.
  12. Laughing hard at, repeatedly, having to say “grey-poupon…no you can  just get it at the grocery..greyyyy poooupon”
  13. painting with so many people
  14. after 4 months getting to see our friends from Colorado, again…who now moved here.
  15. Zim coming up to me and saying, “momma this sunrise is beautiful…look at all the colors”…that he can appreciate it.
  16. A HusBen whose heart, to serve, brought tears to my eyes
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