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Cozy this year…

November 25, 2013



  • So thankful it isn’t a year ago!  Praise God … I mean REALLY REALLY THANKFUL!!!! Like Thankful and we will have a dance party tonight THANKFUL that it isn’t a year ago today. That I never ever have to live that despicable  day ever again -type of Thankful!!! That a year ago all their curses fell away from us… and we are living the dream -type of Thankful.
  • That I could watch one of the men, I respect the most.. be honored in front  of a packed house.
  • Sitting there listening to person after person get up with  “a word”… because He speaks their name to others.
  • How Sunday Dinner is becoming this safe place to share hurts and healings.
  • tacos, burritos and taco salad are a lot of people’s love language.
  • for mr.clean erasers.
  •  for a baby who smiles  even through coughing fits.
  • fireplaces a blaze
  • “You must love Thanksgiving… you love a reason to be more thankful”… not a bad thing to be said about me.
  • hearing my best girl sing an awesome duet yesterday morning… You rocked that!
  • Boys (and girls!) who can crochet and knit Christmas gifts.
  •  a friend who stops by and stays the afternoon laughing in my sunny studio
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