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I want to hold tight…

November 29, 2013

I don’t want to forget this… I want  to hold it all tight…

All these things I am thankful for are captured, and they are all singing of  His love for me.. His taking me from one place and freeing me into a peaceful place…

I know holidays can be stressful.. but this was only successful…
I feel like this was the best yet…
We had time to not only, stop and smell the flowers but to arrange them beautifully just for us…
My son had time to photograph his favorite shots…ones that spoke to him what Thanksgiving was all about

… and he chose me… of all the things…

he chose his momma.


…well me and a steamy turkey that the man of my dreams smoked since the early morning on the smoker… it was amazing!

I had to capture the simple timeless beauty  of a baby on my lap…a million women  have looked down a million times since the start of time to see just this… and yet it is so overlooked in photos… the grabby baby who may have been slipped some sweet potatoes… because she is the happiest baby ever.  Her eyes just lit up and I couldn’t resist… and all 7 of her brothers and sisters smiled and congratulated her, because to them, she is the cutest baby to ever eat sweet potatoes … and I want to hold tight to their love of it all.


and these two… who love like they have always been here… and are loved the same way.


Then as if all that wasn’t enough… we bundled up our crew for an after dinner… pre dessert walk.  Oh was it chilly… but the crisp air did us good… and made way for sharing  pie and ice-cream with family  which we met along the path between our farms.  What a delight to unwrap all the scarves and to be handed warm cups of coffee and maybe an adult drink …err.. or two….. and the best  slice…err or two of apple pie I have ever had.

Look at this lot… all with their newspapers…chairs everywhere and yet they stand.

I never want to forget the way they all study the paper… how smart they all are.

How that one in the middle holds a very big piece of my heart… that man child of mine.
Then to top it all off… these women how they come alive with this happy girl.

 The happiest baby I have ever had…she loves to meet new faces…she studies and then bursts into smiles.

I think their generation loves her high waisted pants.(.smile.)

I must say, that there was a very real part of me that thought the day before thanksgiving was going to be the best yet of the holiday…and yet Thanksgiving itself surprised me with it’s wonderfulness and peace. Is it possible that a new tide has turned? Is this the new rhythm of the holidays… I surely hope so!

Now onward to Advent….

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  1. November 29, 2013 9:58 pm

    the beauty of the young and old and all those inbetween~ so much to be thankful for!
    This was just lovely~

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