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Ornaments of Peace.

December 4, 2013


Sometimes peace is hard to find,  because we don’t know where to get it.

We look for it everywhere.

We bring things together…  mix what we already had stored away…make it soft to the touch.

A warmth to our chilled hands.

Like cupping the cheek of a loved one you haven’t seen in so long.

Like searching for glasses perched on top of your head we nearly miss it.

The darkness whispers, peace is for others…push through the darkness… into the Light.

Look into Creation.

Each day stretched out like a fresh canvas.  The imprint of Peace is there… but we keep looking far and wide.

Right there cut into the very cloth of your day… Peace embedded into all of Creation.

Like a flock of doves penned up… You have the Peace you are looking for…created in the image of a King.  It’s there.

So open yourself up to the Truth… you who were created in the image of.

Open yourself up and allow the Peace within to fly free.

~ Concerning Cornstarch ornaments… half c.Cornstarch, 1c Baking Soda, 3/4c water… combine and heat in pan till it is like fondant or smooth mashed potatoes. Take out and place in clean bowl and let cool with wet towel over it…or just throw it back and forth in your hands like a hot potato. Roll out and cut like you would cookies… after you cut them out and place on a cookie sheet use a straw to make the hole for hanging. Put them in a 175*F oven for 30 minutes and flip them…leave in for another 30minutes.  Once they dry you can paint them or leave them as is… they are the most wonderful white.  They make beautiful Christmas ornaments, gift tags or place setting cards.  The only thing that I found was they need to be a consistent thickness.~

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