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tie it together

December 9, 2013





  • My husBen  is  home for the rest of the whole year!!!!
  • these kids of mine and their never ending list of talents….singing, instrument playing, encouragers…
  • seeing the three oldest all dressed up and sending them out to a singing performance.
  • watching my husBen teach our oldest how to tie his tie.
  • those few days of warm weather
  • the luxury of using up a bunch of gift cards and having a fun weekend of foods from all over the world.
  • getting to share our Saturday food fest with our family.
  • how Sunday Dinner is becoming more than I know
  • friends stopping by all Sunday … the door swinging open and love rushing in.
  • the excitement of a a large herd of deer…
  • big chunky snowflakes
  • little boys with binoculars perched at windows
  • the doc dishing out healing while I dish him soup.
  • lumps on scans…now after a community of prayer…*poof*… gone…doctors stumped.


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