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it’s rustling….

December 30, 2013




Can you feel it….

the rustle of a new season ready to burst out?

This new year is about to come alive…

It’s getting into formation..

its right past your fingertips.

You can’t be in it until it’s here.

you can’t do anything to rush it.


but once it is here… there is nothing you can do to go back.

We are praying and seeking.

We are singing and reading.

We are writing it all down.

These lovely last days of a year… no school… no work… we seek….we celebrate.

Our eyes and hearts are expectant.

It’s like on Christmas Eve, as a child, when you lay in bed and you heard your parents walking wrapped packages down to the tree.  The sound of the wrapping paper rubbing and rustling against other wrapping paper.. you knew it meant the gifts are stacked.

You know it means it will be soon… and you can barely sleep… because

soon and very soon…


I am so thankful, brimming in fact….

  • for this season of seeking.
  • for kids who stop puking… and having a perfect system in place
  • that some virus’ are only 12 hours
  • for every craft and party preparation I accomplish
  • for so many celebrations coming up…. one nearly everyday from baby showers  to New Years Day!
  • for this oldest of mine, who likes to work with me in my studio
  • for the splashy baby bathing rhythm we have every night
  • how this husBen of mine gets so excited when he sells another  handmade custom guitar… we now have guitars on major tours all over the world… who would have thought!
  • for a friend who makes homemade peanut brittle… I mean, come on!!! love.
  • for #mypeople all of them.
  • Getting so …SO excited to do what we do on New Years ….


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  1. December 30, 2013 6:12 pm

    Oh I love the wooden tags! I remember the year we bought my middle son a wood burner. He had so much fun with it. I would buy plaques wood boxes and things for him to decorate with it. I had no idea your husband made guitars. My youngest son plays. I have learning to play and taking a photography class on my ” to do list” this year. I’ve been thinking about all those things, ” I’ve always wanted to do, see, experience” I’m going to start keeping a log and actually doing it! Too many wistful years of, “when we have more money, when I have more time ” excuses. Love you T and look forward to this New Year, full of HOPE!

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