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A paid journey

January 1, 2014


Here we go…

This journey lays in front of us.

We have worked… we have traveled our whole lives  and now we are here.

think of all those things you have survived… those are all behind you.

Don’t look back at it… look ahead…

It all lays before us.

take the step.


with your foot hovering above the ground, remember…

He already put His foot right there.

now set your foot down… the swirl of dust kicked up? That was on His foot first.

Look left and right… He knew who would journey with you.

Look at us all … together.

a whole life to get right here.

One Whole Life paid to get you right here.

Can you feel the  deep beat of a drum… foomp… foomp… foomp.. a heartbeat.

next step?  a bit more faithful?

pick up your chin…. adjust your posture

that burning light ahead  on the horizon isn’t the sun….

it’s the Son.

let that  footstep hit the ground a bit more confidently.

you are not a slave out of Egypt walking in a sandy wasteland

a King has adopted you.

you are a ransomed one.

you walk in a Holy caravan

you have permission to walk like the one He created in His image.

A King signed your permission to walk like Him.

a whole life to get right here.

a Whole Life paid to get you right here.

a Whole life paid to journey you forward.


~~~ To all the people emailing me…. We are ABSOLUTELY going to give out words and verses here at Aseedinspired. I can barely wait. I mean I am bursting to do it again this year like in years gone past… 2012, 2013 to name a few. I love the seeking Him daily for just this purpose… and then , as if that isn’t enough, I love how all year long everyone comes back to tell me the testimony of God’s revelation of each thing in their lives. I love it for them… and I love it for me.. it is truly iron sharpening iron. I will start handing them out on Monday January 6th (and for weeks afterward) which is the Day of Epiphany… I mean, what better day right! I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!!~~~

and whoa baby! if you don’t know what I am talking about… buckle up buttercup… it’s a HUGE deal here…so read up and be ready:

Words of Knowledge a New Year’s Day Activity.
A Prophetic Word for 2013 and an Epiphany.

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