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Out of the Negative.

January 8, 2014



On a negative 9 degree day we stayed close to the fire.  Around each hearth were kids lounging with books and wool socks.  Well not just kids… most all of us coming through the doors only stood there long enough to kick off our shoes and head directly to the warm glow of the fires.  It was brutal outside… and not just for us.. the animals on our little farm were not loving the weather either.  We shut up the barn entirely… no free ranging going about in the pasture.  With the heat lamp hanging in the coop… the ladies have been producing way more eggs then they ever do in January.  I cracked open one egg that absolutely glowed a Cadmium Red hue.

Nothing better on an icy day , with all the windows wearing blankets and drawn curtains, then to bake the day away.  We had delicious elk and zucchini… we had molasses cake with fresh lemon curd… all the while a bone stock burbled. With such a warm kitchen Ash decided to set up his ukulele building at the counter.  It only took his father a few side glances to hurry through a few phone conferences so that they both could spend a lovely afternoon undoing and redoing things to be just right… maybe someday it will actually get finished. If they ever get it to their likings.

After all of that…and with dinner cleaned up and babies washed,and so many awesome words handed out, some friends stopped by.  With eyes on this new year and hearts for Him we tried to hash out what would honor Him… and how to all get pointed in the right direction.  The cold isn’t the only thing which is harsh… there is a war out there that would rather everyone swim in circles and not move forward.  But no matter the weather.. by the time the coffee had been drank a new vision had been accomplished.  It is good to get plans nailed down…even when all the nails aren’t in… maybe just “tacked” down … but enough that it all can’t be blown away.  Community doesn’t just happen.And sometimes the temperature isn’t the only thing which is in the negatives… but if that is what stops you from getting together  and warming things up… then you have the wrong definition for community.Because when you live in community with each other…the real kind… not the only if everyone is smiling kind… you deal with real people and real people aren’t all that great all the time… but in real community a negative thing can bring people together to spark really amazing things!

 New things afoot for the future… it is very exciting here on this little farm!!!


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  1. January 8, 2014 12:05 pm

    I like your understanding of community! 🙂

    • January 8, 2014 12:13 pm

      well it’s an evolving thing that is for sure.
      We have been stewarding a pretty large ever changing community for a few years and we are accumulating a lot of “What community looks like”…errr… the good the bad the ugly and the virus’ lol.

  2. January 8, 2014 6:01 pm


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