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Moons and Blooms

January 29, 2014










I thought I was so prepared.  I bought this calendar way back in December.  This month has been so busy that I never noticed I hadn’t put up the new calendar… well maybe a few times I glanced up … but it was always in a busy moment.  But when the washing machine repair man said he would come on the 30th and I couldn’t recall what day of the week that would be… something had to be done.  A house this size with no washing machine is trouble with a capital T.  I cringe every time I walk by an open bedroom door and see the mountains growing…jeans, shirts…and towels… oh help us so many towels!  Just today I hesitated giving the baby a spoonful of sweet potato for fear she spit it up on her clothes… stains for days!  I need all 8 children to stay perfectly clean till this washer situation gets fixed… which now I know will be Thursday…right?..and by the look of it, a new moon, who knew? If  for any reason you can’t find me look for a fallen pile of laundry.. I could be trapped under it!

You may remember the great Appliance Suicide Pact of 2013… oh so conveniently  after the baby was born.  As in… when my HusBen needed to be the one in charge of the kitchen… all the appliances gave up.  Oh and then to get my East Coast blood boiling the company jerked us around… ya know the type…”we will deliver at the end of the week”…then…..”ummm sorry we will be delayed a week.”…. “yes hi… your appliances will be there in a week from never.”  Perhaps you know the company… it starts with Sssssss and ends with something you hear with… only no one was listening to us… and my postpartum self was getting really really really worked up about it….and my way too nice midwestern husband was all, “hi yes..what’s your name?  Tonya? Yes Tonya I know you are trying your best and I really appreciate your help, but you see my wife just had a baby 2 days ago and we have no appliances and we were really counting on at least getting the refrigerator if it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle….”.  Needless to say… I would NOT have been so gracious… with a brand new baby, thick of summer , and things rotting by the minute and nothing to keep things refrigerated …. had I gotten on that phone…oh deep breath in…well its over now .  Anyway… when this washer took a turn for the worst… I got on the computer and watched a very informative YouTube on how to run a diagnostic test on the washer…so now when whomever comes here I will know exactly what I am up against… and actually found that I could fix half of the problem . And it was so easy!


If you are looking for the hangers that I use , you can find them here.

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  1. January 30, 2014 1:13 am

    Smiling BIG. Our washer died. I youtubed it, got the code looked up so DH could order the part and it was fixed. Was so proud of myself! Love the calendar. My write on wipe off one gets behind every now and again and makes me long for a printed on paper one many a time. Stay warm. Ice / snow days here in FL. Crazy!

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