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February 3, 2014


I have said it before but we are not ground hog fans.

I remember shortly after we had brought the girls home/here from Guatemela….

all the kids ( “all” ya know, only 6 kids back then, Ha!)  were out playing in the backyard when our dog was barking a weird bark. If you have dogs you understand they have different barks…most of which you recognize … and if you don’t have dogs, just believe me.  I came out and Yen and Mer were yelling, “ratone” and everyone was pointing over to the walnut tree.  There was the weirdest whistling sound.  It was like a rioting mob of kids who were chanting in Spanglish.

The dog was barking…

The kids were all yelling and pointing…

The whistling was so weird…

The dog had a groundhog pinned up against the tree.  She was barking for us to come take care of this disgusting ground hog. I now know the whistling was the ground hog.

I yelled for my oldest to grab a shovel.

I am pretty sure I threw down a few cuss words and ran inside.  I found my HusBen on a conference call with all his  national sales reps.  This man of mine who grew up as an only child with not even a dog in the middle of small town suburbia, was needed for some gruesome farm business.  “There is a ground hog, ” I mouthed like one would say if there was a bank robber or a celebrity at the store.  He motioned to me that he was in the middle of a big sales meeting…to which I drug him along with me…. sorry , there was a ground hog, a dog and a newly minted pack of kids… he needed to come along!

He doesn’t like when I do stuff like this… but he came along… I am not easily turned away.

He muted his sales call.

Walked out the door.

Grabbed the shovel.

Walked past the kids screaming, “Ratone! Ratone!”

marched up to the whistling ground hog…



he then turned around,

walked over to the cheering mob of kids,

handed me the shovel,

unmuted his conference call,

“yes Randy that sounds great… ” and he closed the door behind him.

Never. Missed. A. Beat.


Thankful for sure…

  • spending a great Friday evening with a great friend… and ice cream!
  • a ratted out laundry room and pantry… all put back and clean.
  • how my kids all like to rat out and set things right with me… good team work
  • for a 45* and 50* day.. a warmish weekend.
  • for the best Sunday morning texts from all over the world!
  • for every single time my HusBen comes home safe and sound from a trip.
  • Half of winter is over!!!!!!
  • February… is going to be awesome.. .and each day that ticks by takes me closer to dreams coming true!!!!!!


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