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keep on spinning…

February 10, 2014


it may not look like anything you would want.
it may not be much of anything at all to you.
but I figured it out on my own.
no one taught me… or walked me through how to find my way.
sheer determination to learn something uncharted
and I will get better.
no matter how messy
no matter how bumpy
because I will gladly learn new ways of doing things…
I will be happy to teach my daughters and let them watch me learn.
I will teach them to take these messy pieces and turn them into something



  • the cutest little ski bonnets on my littlest ladies.
  • sunny snowy days
  • saving all my project planning for February…keeps me busy and looking forward
  • ham, bean and rivel soup.
  • so many birds at the feeders
  • how crazy strong my son is…
  • how in this family we are strong enough to say, “I am sorry”
  • slowly…ever so slowly learning this spinning wheel
  • brand new babies to Sunday Dinner… how quick we forget how teeny they are.
  • tiny little pieces of amethyst
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