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“Through Storms Struggles and Fire”

February 11, 2014


Back when I was pregnant with the roly poly baby number 8 I had taken tea with a friend.   While we were chatting one of her friends happened to stop by.  Nothing ever by chance in my life…so I  waited to see what  would happen.  What happened was this amazing woman named Donna Beaver.  She had a treasure trove of stories  that she carted around with ease…regardless that the doctors had taken over half her lung.  Normal things happened while we sat and drank tea together… well she drank coffee…and she wanted it just so… but just about the time she got her coffee to the perfect amount of cream… in walked people who needed prayer for healing – ya know, just your normal taking tea with friends and people needing prayer afternoon.

After many of her stories were swirling in my head and  people had been healed… Mel handed me Donna’s book, “Through Storms Struggles and Fire”.  I knew it would be about her journey with cancer… “little c because Christ is the big C,” she had told me that afternoon.  Sometimes when I am pregnant I get a touch… sensitive.  I am sure I am the first woman ever to do that…. so I tucked the book away till I was well past the initial postpartum months.

But wow just WOW!

This is a book about a  real woman walking through trials and fire given no bridge to bypass it all  but given a Savior to walk with her.  You will see the earthly  things of cancer but Donna sees past the veil of earthly shadows.  “Through Storms Struggles and Fire” is mainly about the realness of an unseen world vastly ignored ~ rarely tapped into, yet happening all the time.  This book is a testimony to what happens when your eyes are anointed to see the unseen.

Take your coffee… your tea… and maybe a tissue or two and sit with Donna Beaver… She is right there in these pages.


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  1. February 12, 2014 1:14 am

    Thank you – I love the way you notice “ya know, just your normal taking tea with friends and people needing prayer afternoon.” So it is in life. I am dealing with cancer and think it timely that I have read this post – I will be sure to pick up the book. Blessings, Teresa

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