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Snow Storms a Comin’ … (prepping lists included)

February 12, 2014


Oh big snow is coming… or that is what they say.

Our list of things to prepare for snow storms isn’t too much different than our Storm Preparation List.

However, after living in Minnesota for a few years, way back when, I learned what a real snow storm looks like… we are only about to get a foot.

But there are some things you need to take note of… better now than later!


Things we do  ahead  of time in the case of a power outage 

  • Firewood is stocked and pellets for the pellet stove
  • Shovels are located and lined up
  • flashlights, batteries all phones and ipads charged… (you know that stuff.)
  • I made a few meals which are cooked and ready… a pot of soup can happily sit on the fireplace
  • we have a generator and it is ready –  plus a tank of gas
  • allllllllllll the laundry is caught up
  • the vehicles are fueled up
  • and you can bet your bottom dollar my tea will be made the night before…just in case… I know I have fireplaces to heat water… but I need that tea, especially if things get cold and confusing…. you only make this mistake once.
  • we will fill our bath tubs with water… you can flush toilets with a bucket full of water.

As far as it being a Snow/Winter Storm:

  • The animals are all tucked in with plenty of straw and locked up… no roaming about.
  • we are well stocked with animal feed and hay
  • we have a electric waterer that keeps things from freezing over.
  • we have plenty of ice melt and the plow is hooked up
  • curtains will be drawn and blankets put over the doors on the windy side of the home.
  • have handwarmers and a shovel in vehicles plus your normal roadside emergency kit.
  • make sure your prescriptions are filled… while you are at it call your elderly friend and ask if they need you to pick it up for them.
  • Oh and get the hot chocolate, sleds, snowboards, marshmallows  and board games ready!!!

**Now don’t forget to go check out our Storm Prep List… it has tons of extra things not mentioned here**


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