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all aflutter

February 17, 2014

One season piling up… literally piling up all around us… and then….a flash by the window.

just happy to see one … just one sign of hope

hope that this beautiful season will close and yet another season with it’s own unique beauty is right there

right there

and there

and there

and there

and then we realize an entire tree in bloom with bold orange

a tree of hope announcing loudly that a season of rebirth is right around the corner.

all of creation is getting ready…


I am so thankful…

  • for all this beautiful snow.
  • for popcorn and hot cocoa
  • for new coffee cups (they will be hot chocolate cups for me)…and on sale too!
  • a tree full of robins in February
  • a great birthday party for 2 awesome people!
  • kids who slept in (till 7am!) from all the festivities last night!
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  1. Jean permalink
    February 17, 2014 8:31 am

    Yes, spring is just around the corner… At least that is what I keep telling myself!! But until then, I will enjoy the beauty and brightness this snow brings…

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