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add Love.

March 5, 2014

is it a season of…

give up?

take away?



or one of…


What can you add?

What gift can you uncover and use more?

What can you live more abundantly in?

sometimes it is harder, more of a setup for failure when you say you wont do something….when you are going to control yourself from doing .

Set your eyes on Him… what He did, what has been finished… and go towards Him

Make His Love the goal… and it wont be about giving up…

When His Love is where you want to be it will be about adding…







With all of these things added onto you, heavy laden with Love, you will rise…. there will be less room for anything else.

just keep adding more Love… living abundantly..lifting up in Love… and with a true heart you will notice so much will slough away on it’s own.

Care about Love so much ,go towards it so fervently…make it such a priority…that it’s existence  in your life excludes all those things you want to subtract.


How we do Lent with our 8 kids….
See a Need. Fill a Need. Drop and Egg.

Lenten Nature Table.

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