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March 10, 2014












Everything is quite a muddy wonderful mess around here.

Renewal is everywhere!

Bulbs breaking through old ground… but with new growth!

He made His Creation to be renewed.

Old branches are sprouting new growth that were never on this earth before.


Those old branches helped this to grow strong..

but now beauty will  burst forth

renewal on the ends of it all…

it won’t be long now

not too long till everywhere we look things will be swathed in the bright colors of a new season.


Thank you Oh Thank you…

  • warm temperatures
  • this man of mine home safely and successfully after a week in studios in Nashville
  • the fragrance of blooming  hyacinths filling my studio
  • how Lent is always filled with  continual crazy revelation… non stop
  • for a lemon tree with a conveniently ripe lemon
  • an amazing group for Sunday Dinner
  • finishing Sunday off  praying with friends… great friends.
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