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scratched body.

March 18, 2014




You have been scratched… rubbed the wrong way.

Things and people have offended the softer places.

You trace the gauge again and again… you trace where you received offense.

“How dare they!”

“Who do they think they are?”

“Dont they know to act better?”

scratches that you can’t look away from

It’s time to become aware… and renewed .


The places where you have been offended… those are places where you need to shore up your identity.

not your identity

But Your Identity

not your orphan identity… but your Adopted Identity

not your slave identity … but your Royal Identity

trace the scratch… but not as offense but as an arrow pointing out a lesson

an opportunity to learn and to release Him into that spot.. that space.

You were created in His Image… and that is enough.

He wont become more… you will


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