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Community … it ain’t for wimps.

April 7, 2014




Community doesn’t always take off like you think it would.

Labels and definitions are more important…crucial even, than you think.

Most people use the word “Community” where they mean :




Most people don’t understand how to handle each others flaws and gifts.

flaws will come out in community.

When you are sharing real life with each other…when you are giving each other grace to be your real selves…. the dross of you will surface.

The dross of others will surface.

It can be a drossy mess. Truly.

It will happen…. and it is okay.

Anytime you are trying to get a finer more precious material dross is expected.



The beauty ,the  most wonderful thing about true actual community… is then the real goodness happens.

When you share your different answer … or you stand up and speak out about what is wrong… and you aren’t shoved away but supported…

when you knock the wind out of someone… but they love you for who you really are and know that wasn’t your true self….

when you say the incorrect thing but they hear your heart … that is where the precious commodity of community makes sense.

And no socializing… And no networking will do that.

The mistakes are the litmus test of real authentic community.


How people handle themselves when they have made a mistake is the litmus test of if they truly want community or if they were confusing it with social networking.

Do they stomp off?

Do they “poison the well on their way off the farm” ?

(and oh baby … they will and they do … and that is part of it all too … just more of that drossy mess)


Do they the sincere kind of apology?

Do they forgive even through hurt?

Community is a simple grid … and you are on it … or you aren’t.

You can skim off the dross or you can’t.

You can love regardless or you can’t.



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  1. Deb permalink
    April 7, 2014 3:12 pm

    I love reading your posts. I am a mom of six and a grandma of two. Your thoughts are beautiful, God honoring, and encouraging.

  2. April 8, 2014 3:30 pm

    like Deb, I also love coming here… God always meets me here!
    I saw some amazing broken mirror art… the beauty of your kites in the sky and your story of how if can see beauty in each other…thought I would share this:

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