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less like a sheep rodeo.

April 25, 2014

They showed up to help. These guys who I feed every Sunday and sometimes just because during the week. These guys who play baseball in the backyard with the kids… these twenty something single guys who will jiggle a baby and get oh so sweet and sentimental when the she does something new…
These men… they came and they started right in.




I needed a milking stanchion so I can begin this milking that I had planned to start in June after the baby lamb had her fill. I have scrambled … no I have fumbled… trying to milk her since our loss.  It has been a teary ,milky ,pleading to God and sheep, mess.
So these men they came in with hugs and sad, “I am sorry”s. One built the stanchion (milking stand) and the other tried to cheer up the kids who were trying to dig a hole that, “Momma, must be buried on our farm.”
It was sad and happy.
It made me laugh and tear up.
It gave peace to my kids.
It made milking Benita  a little less like a sheep rodeo.
These single men on a Friday night put something about us a little more back together again.


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